5 weeks free pet insurance

We want all pets to have the very best outcomes and quality of life, which is why we strongly advise all our clients consider taking out Pet Health Insurance. Insurance cover provides peace of mind and financial help should your pet need extensive treatment, referral to a specialist or long-term treatment for a chronic condition such as arthritis, heart disease or diabetes. Alleviating the additional stress of finance means you will not have to consider compromising treatment due to cost. There are several different companies and types of policy available, and whilst we are happy to give advice, we recommend you look carefully at the costs and benefits of the different policies to ensure they meet your needs.

Who is eligible?
We work in partnership with Agria Pet Insurance to offer five weeks free insurance for puppies, kittens and rabbits under six months of age. This will provide your pet with immediate cover for illness and injury.

How do I set this up?
You will need to bring your pet in to see one of our vets for a free nose to tail health check and they will be able to set up your insurance.

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